Preparation for your appointment:

Each of our clients must be referred by a physician. The referral must clearly state 'orthotics', and include a specific diagnosis relating to the foot. ( please see our Insurance section ) Before arriving for your appointment, check with your insurance provider to better understand your specific coverage and what information will be required to submit your claim.

For assessment of your foot and lower limb (see below), we ask that you wear shorts or pants that roll up to the knee.

Please bring a sampling of footwear you expect to wear with your orthotics. This may include running shoes, walking/casual shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, boots, or even specific sportswear such as skates, cleats, etc.

At the time of the initial appointment, a minimum deposit of half the total price is due.

For an assessment alone, full payment of $70 will be required. We accept cash, cheque, debit, VISA and MasterCard.


The initial assessment is one hour, during which time you can expect the following:

  • a Certified Pedorthist (Canada) C. Ped. (C) discusses your history, including previous/present treatments; current medical conditions; as well as, an analysis of any pain you are experiencing
  • a gait analysis and a biomechanical assessment are completed
  • a neutral suspension 3D cast is made of your foot
  • the most suitable Lab materials and instructions are determined
  • advice is given on the appropriate fit and style of footwear to best suit your needs
  • simple exercises and follow-up visits may also be recommended

A separate appointment is necessary to pick-up the custom orthotics and your 3D casts. This appointment is approximately 30 minutes, and is included in the cost of the orthotics. We strongly encourage communication about any pain or discomfort you might experience, so that adjustments can be made.


The current cost of custom-made foot orthotics is $430.  (with discounts available for seniors and children). This amount includes the cost of the initial assessment, custom orthotics, a fitting appointment and any adjustments up to one-year after picking up your orthotics. At the time of the initial appointment, a minimum deposit of half the total price is due. The balance is due when you pick up your orthotics.

* It is recommended that you DO NOT purchase new footwear before the appointment. Please wait until you have picked up your new foot orthotics to purchase footwear.

Cancellation Policy

Your time is reserved for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required. Otherwise, you will be charged a fee of $35. Health plans, motor vehicle insurers and WCB do not pay for missed appointments. These fees are your responsibility.

Clients of the Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic:

In addition to the above, please note:

Appointments are made through the Halifax office 902-420-0610 or Toll Free 1-866-440-3668

All payments must be processed as a phone order. Someone from our Halifax office will call the day following your initial appointment . Full payment can be made at that time; however, it is also acceptable for you to pay a deposit and the balance just prior to picking up your orthotics.

If you have Blue Cross insurance, and if your Policy Number starts with 001 , we may be able to direct bill the amount of your coverage. You will be responsible for the balance only. Please request a Blue Cross Payment Assignment Form , during your initial assessment. You then complete and sign the top of the form, and return it to Freeman for processing at our Halifax office.

Pick up is generally 4 weeks after your initial appointment. However, you do have the option to pick them up earlier at our Halifax office.

Please call Orthotics East Halifax toll free at 1-866-440-3668 if you have any questions.


Orthotics East Ltd.
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Phone: (902) 420-0610

Toll Free 1-866 440-3668 (FOOT)

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Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic

Appointments are made through the Halifax office 902-420-0610 or Toll Free 1-866-440-3668
Located in the rooms 2142/2143 adjacent to the ice surface in the Acadia Arena Complex. Please enter the facility through the outside bottom entrance doors, turn right and walk down the hallway to your right. Just follow the signs to our door on your left.

Clinic: 902-585-1625