Orthotics East Ltd. is looking for a Canadian Certified Pedorthist C. Ped (C) to join our Pedorthic Team

Are you currently studying Pedorthics at Western University ?
Have you passed the C. Ped (C) certification exam ?
Do you have a University Diploma in Pedorthics ?
Are you a skilled craftsman?
Are you good with your hands?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions,
we may have a position for you

But first of all, here at Orthotics East, we believe that cultural fit is as important as your education. So, let’s find out if you are a good match to the Orthotics East environment.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself. Answer some or all of the following questions, and email your response to .

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch.

  • Describe the work environment in which you are most happy.
  • What is the single most important factor that must be present in your work environment?
  • What are the characteristics of the best boss ever?
  • Describe the culture that encourages your best work and efforts.
  • What were the positive aspects of your past employment positions?
  • What is your preferred work style?
  • In a team setting, do you tend to take the lead? Participate equally? Or hang back a bit?
  • How would your coworkers describe you?
  • Have you ever truly delighted a customer? What were the circumstances?
  • Do you prefer a fast-paced environment, or a more laid-back pace?
  • How would you describe your approach to clients? Your style of interaction?
  • Do you enjoy presenting new ideas and new ways of looking at familiar situations?
  • Are you open to learning new ways of doing things?
  • How do you respond to guidance and advice?
  • Do you ask for help when you need it? Or do you prefer to figure things out on your own?
  • If you chose one word to describe yourself, what would it be? (That’s a tough one!)

ORTHOTICS EAST LTD. ™, has been operating since 1986
Canadian Certified Pedorthists with College of Pedorthics of Canada
Members of Pedorthic Association of Canada
Operating a Board Accredited Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory


Orthotics East Ltd.
65 Main Ave.
Halifax, NS

Phone: (902) 420-0610

Toll Free 1-866 440-3668 (FOOT)

Fax: (902) 420-9339


Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic

Appointments are made through the Halifax office 902-420-0610 or Toll Free 1-866-440-3668
Located in the rooms 2142/2143 adjacent to the ice surface in the Acadia Arena Complex. Please enter the facility through the outside bottom entrance doors, turn right and walk down the hallway to your right. Just follow the signs to our door on your left.

Clinic: 902-585-1625