There are two main styles of Orthotics, Functional and Accommodative

Functional Orthotics:

Bones that are aligned properly allow for optimal mechanical advantage of the related musculature. Functional orthotics place the feet into normal or desirable postures so that the body can weight bear and ambulate in the least injurious and most efficient posture. This style of orthotic is constructed from rigid and/or semi-rigid materials.

Accommodative Orthotics:

This style of orthotic relieves stress on feet that are relatively fixed and immovable. For example, some arthritic conditions require an accommodative orthotic to relieve prominent and painful joints. This style is constructed from flexible and/or semi-flexible materials.


  • Occasional cleaning is recommended. Gently hand-wash orthotics with a mild soap and leave them to dry at room temperature (do not use an artificial heat source).
  • To prevent or remedy odours, store orthotics in a plastic bag overnight with a dryer sheet.
  • If the tops of your orthotics become worn; it is common to require an orthotic re-cover before the end of their functional life.
  • If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in addition to the wearing away of the orthotic top-cover, we recommend you come in for a recheck.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please follow the link to view the FAQ page provided by the Pedorthic Association of Canada.


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